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High-End LED Sports Light GL-SPL 500W-2000W

Product Description

MECREE original patent design, we use fastest super-heat conductive material in the world, thermal conductivity a few hundred to thousands of times faster than the world’s best thermal conductivity of metal materials, can transfer the heat and send out into the air quickly, solved out the heat dissipation performance of LED high-power COB light source effectively, ensure perfect work with high stability. 10 years lifespan, with smaller size, can replace the traditional lamps which in original position directly. With the secondary light distribution design, the residual light and glare are minimized, and the center light intensity is higher. Our products can connect with 4G, 5G, WiFi, DALI/DMX512, and be controlled intelligently.

Most stable high energy-saving LED, It is designed to solve out the problem of traditional lights. For example, start slowly, high energy consumption, low power factor, high temperature, non-waterproof, non ultraviolet-proof, and not easy for maintenance.

Application field: large stadium, such as: cricket grounds, golf courses, baseball stadiums, football fields, ports, airports, military, plazas and other occasions. Suitable for installation at heights of 25-100 meters, and irradiation distances of 100-1000 meters.

Bracket designed with indicator plate, can adjust the angle easily.

  • Our new high power LED floodlight (up to 2000w, 260000 lumen) offers significant dimensional advantages: less wind resistance due to a particularly well designed case design to reduce wet surface while increasing the surface area heat exchange.
  • This smaller box allows a concentration of LED spotlights on the mast or the supporting structure.
  • Very important also, the total absence of flickering, even with fast or very fast cameras; the stability of the luminous flux generated by this LED projector is particularly important, leaving no room for bad shots.
  • Available in many beam angles, it allows optimal light distribution, whatever the location.
  • On high mast, the drivers can be set up mat and incorporate optional surge protectors.
  • Directly replace traditional lamps on the light tower without any extra parts and costs.
  • Professional optical distribution design for stadium.
  • High voltage AC528V power supply, can used it in industrial area directly, reduced cable costs.
  • AC power supply separation design, less weight and easy maintenance.
  • 7075 aviation aluminum alloy, SUS304 stainless steel, anti-corrosion material design.
  • With advanced calculus beam angle design, improved the utilization of LEDs.
  • The unique balanced power supply technology keeps each leds power same, and ensure the stability of light.
  • Robust and reliable mounting bracket design, can resist the grade 15 typhoons attack.

Optional Accessories

Product Parameters

Model No.GL-SPL-500WGL-SPL-800WGL-SPL-1000WGL-SPL-1200WGL-SPL-2000W
LED BrandCitizen
Power SupplyMeanwell HLG Series
Supply Voltage90-305V AC/200-480V AC 50/60Hz
System Power500W800W1000W1200W2000W
Beam Angle10/15/30
CRI(Ra)> 70/80
IP RatingIP66

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