1.Why choose MECREE?


2. Which connection is better for high power LED floodlight, Series or Parallel connection?

Series Connection can assure the same currency obtained by LEDs, which improves the lamp’s stability/life-span according to the unique features of LEDs and the other diodes. Parallel connection will apply the same voltage to LEDs, resulting in different currency to LEDs. Series and parallel together is perfect for high power LED floodlight. MECREE owns the advanced technology which creats constant voltage and constant current for the products.

3.How to replace the metal halide/HQI floodlights? Do we need special accessories?
Normally you can replace the conventional lamps directly with our LED floodlight. Just take down the old lamps and put our lights on the pole/holder. We designed strong and adjustable bracket for the LED floodlights that you can install them on different places.

4. What’s the main parameters of LED ?

For lighting part, they are Lumen output, Lumen efficacy, Correlated color temperature, CRI, lumen maintenance,
For Electric part, they are forward voltage, backward voltage, rated power
For Thermal part, they are thermal resistance, junction temperature, color tolerance

5. How long is life span of MECREE LED floodlight? Can it really reach 80,000 hours?

When we talking about lifespan of LED, it refers to L70 which is when the lumen maintenance is 70% of the original level. Generally it is not convenient to test a LED lamp continuously for 80,000 hours. So generally the lab will using accelerated aging test method to get the lumen depreciation situation after 6000 hours or 10000 hours , together with Decay curve fitting, to evaluate lifespan of LED. Currently there are two main standards of testing lumens depreciation, they are LM79 and LM-80. When the test reports meet standards of 80,000 hours requirement, we can state the life span of the LED lamp reach 800,00 hours.

6. What is junction temperature of MECREE high power LED floodlight?

Generally it is below 75℃ of the PN junction due to advanced CREE chip and perfect heat sink structure

7.What are the main differences between MECREE LED floodlight and other products?

– Lighting efficiency and CRI are higher which reach 130lm/w and CRI>Ra83
– Patented and unique structure, no similar items
– Much better heat dissipation performance, surface temperature of heat sink is below 75℃. Temperature rise is within 35℃. Guarantees the lifetime up to 10 years
– unitized module LEDs and heat sink design creates perfect lighting effect and best cooling performance

8. What certificates do MECREE have?

CE, RoHS, TUV, CB, SAA, C-Tick, FCC, DLC, IP67

9. How many MECREE LED floodlights have been installed?
More than 50000pcs of high power LED floodlight and LED sports light  have been installed all over the world (Till Oct 2015)

10.Which brand of LED chip do you use for your high power LED floodlights?

Only customized USA CREE chip

11.Which brand of LED driver do you use for your high power LED floodlights?

Only Taiwan MeanWell, 5 years warranty series.

12.Can we have a sample of MECREE LED floodlight?

You are welcome to order samples for testing. Please let us know the Model No. and the quantity. Normally, the lead time for sample order is 3-7 days

13. Is the sample for free?

We would say sorry that we are not able to provide samples for free. You are welcome to buy for testing. MOQ is 1 unit

14.Can we have our brand name ans LOGO on your LED floodlight?

Yes, we can provide you OEM products

15.We have a football/tennis/basketball/valleyball/baseball/golf… Court need to be replaced with LED. Can you provide us a solution?

Normally we can support you professional DIALux simulation. But need you to tell us below info:
– Drawing
– size of the field
– Qty and height of the poles
– Average illuminance and uniformity you need
– Distance between the poles and border

16. Are your LED floodlights waterproof?

Yes. All of our LED floodlights are IP67, can even work underwater

17. Can MECREE LED Floodlight work in DC/AC/three phase AC?

Our LED floodlights can work in all these conditions

18. Do you have discount for your LED floodlights?

We offer discounts for our regular customers who order large quantities. If you have an exact nice project, prices are negotiable

19. What’s the payment terms and delivery time of MECREE?

T/T and PayPal.  sample order: 3-5 working days, formal order:15-20 working days

20. Will MECREE attend the lighting fairs to show your products?

Yes, we often attend the HK Lighting Fair, Dubai Lighting Fair and Moscow Lighting Fair…
We will let you know as soon as we get the booth number.
Welcome to come to our booth if you also attend.

21. You have the ability to do independent research and development?

Our engineering department has 6 people, we have the research and development capabilities.
We also collect regularly each customer feedback, product improvement and new product development.
We also hold monthly new product launches.

22. For same power,why different suppliers with different brightness?

Different chips,or same chip but different brightness version.The brightness will be different.But for same chip and same brightness version,the brightness will be slight difference.But please make clear the difference between LEDs and lamp fixture.

23. What color temperature do you have?

Color temperature is 2700-6500k, it can be warm white ,pure white and cool white.

24. We need to replace 2000W metal halide lamps, which model do you suggest?


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