Cricket pitch lighting solution @ South Africa

Basic Introduction:

There are six poles.
The height of pole is 40M.
The average lux is 2017lux.
In total: 360pcs GL-FL1000W.

For the new lighting system at the cricket stadium, they chose to partner with MECREE, the recognized global innovator in stadium lighting. With the new system in place, fans of the Cherries will enjoy a truly enhanced match-day experience with the elimination of glare and a much brighter and uniform light distribution across the ground. In fact, light levels at South Africa Cricket Stadium have increased by 80 percent.

With the increase in light levels, energy consumption has only increased by 19 percent compared to the prior metal halide lights, and operating costs have been significantly reduced with MECREE’s parts and warranty, which eliminates maintenance for the next decade.

The new lighting system met the approval of the Cricket League, and delivers exceptional HD broadcasts and slow motion replay with the elimination of the ‘flicker’ effect.

The development trend of lighting technology

1.One of the main light source will be converted to the LED lighting
At present, the high power LED lighting for commercial products have reached more than 150 lm/W,lifespan up to 30000 hours,these make the comprehensive performance of the LED has transcended the other light sources.
Besides,in addition to the high power,LED lamps price are close to the lamp which made with another light sources.Therefore, relatively speaking, the LED has a certain advantage.At the same time, the LED lighting laboratory products have reached more than 300 lm/W, and through the reasonable heat dissipation design, the lifespan of 50000 hours is completely can be achieved.The photosynthetic efficiency and lifespan of another light sources has limited space for improvement.Therefore, can be expected that LED will become the mainstream in the lighting market soon.

2.LED device technology research will be mainly focused on the green light to promote the efficiency of LED
Core component, LED semiconductor lighting technology, the current red light LED and blue LED has high photoelectric efficiency, but the green LED photoelectric efficiency is very low.This limits the LED spectrum flexibility material application.Therefore, promote green LED lighting is the most important research topics LED device.But the current GaN LED technology route in big technical bottlenecks, both in the existing technical route and innovation of technical route to study.

3.Another study of LED device technology research will be a narrow spectrum LED device
A single LED a narrow spectral width will help achieve the infinite flexibility of assembly LED spectrum.This will make the LED application more widely.At the same time, the LED one of the main application of the LED display, if you can make the monochromatic LED the spectrum width of the smaller, will be able to achieve greater color gamut space.And this is a large application field.

4.White LED general lighting will gradually turn to RGB
Normal lighting light source are presented in the form of white light or close to white light.At present, with the highest cost-effective integrated, is also the market mainstream white LED, are the YAG phosphors are blue leds.However, RGB mode has higher photosynthetic efficiency in theory, and takes the way of RGB can make the lamps and lanterns that move light, color, and color rendering index, etc.As green light LED luminous efficiency has increased, therefore, believe in RGB mode (further extended for more than 3 or 3 monochromatic LED mixed color) will become the mainstream model of white LED.

5.Light source color rendering of the characterization of the debate will be a long process, in the form of spectral characterization may be the ultimate result.
The characterization of the parameters of the light source color rendering mainly color rendering index.But, it is based on the traditional form of limited spectrum of light source on the basis of.LED spectral infinite flexibility will make such a representation.Can be expected, if the LED to achieve the real spectrum infinite flexibility, so any kind of color rendering of the single parameter characterization will actually is flawed, the ultimate way of representation should be spectrum itself.

6.The application of the light source will include visual and non-visual application two basic aspects.
LED in assembling spectrum flexibility, can be assembled by spectrum, realize the optimization of various visual and non-visual application, such as agriculture, lighting, medical lighting, LED visible light communication, etc.But, in contrast, LED application in the field of vision, there are many problems to be solved, including: what kind of light conditions are optimized, LED to further decline in the price of, etc.Is scientific questions, while the latter is the industrialization of problem.

7.Lighting technology will merge with the depth of information technology, lighting is born wise
LED is easy to control and itself is the characteristics of semiconductor devices, plus the lamps and lanterns and the relevance of human life, which someone where there will be lamps, lamps and lanterns is a good physical carrier of the information technology.Therefore, the LED can merge with the depth of information technology, lighting will be born wise.This will be the future of LED lighting technology is an important development direction.

8.The appearance of lamps and lanterns form will have great potential for innovation
At present most of the LED lights including LED bulb lamp, LED tube light, LED bulb, etc., in the form is to cater to people’s consumption habits, and this is the lamps and lanterns of the optimal mechanical form remains to be seen.At least, LED lamps and lanterns exists in the form of mechanical innovation a lot in the future.

9.OLED will occupy the important position in the field of display
Relative to the approximate point light source of LED, OLED is a surface form of lighting.Therefore, the future LED to occupy lighting applications (visual and non-visual application), the vast majority of the market still has certain advantages in the field of display OLED.

10.Natural lighting will be appreciated
In recent years, lighting energy-saving lighting, health and ecological lighting did a lot of attention.And using the sun’s rays lighting, naturally become the best choice.Therefore, believe that with the progress of technology, natural lighting will be more and more attention.
Due to the time of LED in the scale, the spectrum, the three space great flexibility, LED the development of the future may be produced many innovative applications with concept, it is worth looking forward to.This is based on the development trend of artificial light illumination.At the same time, with the deepening of people ecological concept of green environmental protection, natural light lighting lighting will also gain greater development.

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