Values that MECREE Can Bring You

European design,German quality. We only focus on high-end products. However the price is a ordinary level. The fashional design of housing looks like a ornament.

Everyone client has a professional salesman to correspond. This is our special and professional service for our customers. All of the questions can be solved quickly.

It’s a VIP standard and extra service to our clients. All of the after-sales service can be guaranteed. You don’t have to worry about the quality and customer complaints.

Adopted the best components in our LED floodlights. It’s more excellent than other LED brands.
In the first 5 years, there is a zero cost on your maintenance. Because the warranty is 5 years for free. The lifespan is more than 80,000H.

All of LED floodlights can be realized Intelligent Control. The installation way is very simple. But the angle of install is very flexible. Most of special occasion can be applied. More secure and stronger. However it is a simple handle. It’s good for your maintenance cost. Saving more installation time and space.

The highest lighting efficiency in the market. It can replace traditional lights with the ratio of 1:2. Saving more energy power. Protecting your environment and health.


European Design, German Quality

To Be Outstanding


After 2 years researching and upgrading, Mecree own the advanced technology in high power LED floodlight.

With European design and German quality, we are becoming the leader that outshine all others


Never Let You Down

Promise is Responsibility


Mecree provide you 5 years free warranty. Not an advertising gimmick. Most responsible attitude, any problems will be solved effectively. Spare parts and free replacement are available.


We Cherish Every Client

serve attentively


Mecree believe quality service is the best brand. We are ready for your any enquiry and question. 12 people sales team with extensive experience and enthusiasm will provide you humanized service

R&D Capacity

Design What You Need


Electronics engineer, structural engineer, LED engineer with powerful research and development ability.
Mecree can provide you anything you need including Dialux simulation, customized products and speical offer

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