MECREE believe the high power LED Floodlight will be the only choice and trend for LED Sport Filed lighting and the best lighting solution of environmental friendly lighting demands . MECREE are committed to build international “MECREE” brand and become the leader of international high power LED Floodlight industry.

We are only focusing on manufacturing high power LED Floodlight and manufacture the unique and high quality LED Floodlight products. We adopt the latest technologies and unique design, improving gradually LED floodlights and research and develop the best flexible lighting control management system to demand the users for the pursuit of saving energy and easy installation and control.

MECREE experienced engineer team can provide professional international stadium and sport lighting solution to replace traditional lamps for a better lighting effect, to give the best game experience of both spectators and athletes.

MECREE professional research and development are studying advantage technology and adopt it to improve our product, developing the Dimmable Model with 0-10V, DALI system and DMX512 controller, provide the best energy-saving LED light.

In the future, MECREE will insist on trustworthy service and competitive advantages, focus on the research of core technology,the innovation of unique design and the reinforcement of high quality services, and become a world-class MECREE brand with vitality, competitiveness and high value.

MECREE focus on providing the best lighting solution especially in large stadium and sport filed. MECREE high power LED Floodlight with unique cooling system and “Germany Quality” give the best game experience for both spectators and athletes.

The market of high power LED flood light market is new but growing rapidly. What’s more, more and more sports field and stadiums are changing the lighting to LED to appeal the government policy and energy-saving requirements. Europe and American market is strong at sport like tennis and football. So the market is massive. Choose LED floodlight (LED Stadium Lighting) industry and you will grasp the future trend of LED Lighting market.

The competition of high power LED Floodlight is not that fierce than indoor LED lighting business. There are a few manufacturer can produce LED Floodlight above 500W even 1000W and also a few distributors and contractors can provide high quality high power LED Lighting for some large project. So it’s a key point for you have a reliable suppliers with high power LED Floodlight to win some large projects.

Choosing a good product will be a important step to enter this high power industry. MECREE will be the best choice for you. MECREE team research and develop unique design with best heat dissipation-Sony 4D heat dissipation technology. Cooling area is the biggest, ventilation on all sides. Working temperature within 65 ℃, junction temperature <75℃. Design lifespan >10,0000hrs, effectively solve cooling problem of high power LED lighting.

A high quality product will give a good reputation in you local market and it’s good for the long-term development of your company in the LED lighting industry.

The market is full of low price but bad quality LED Floodlight with similar design and easy manufacture process and you can find them at any LED supplier on the China market. Maybe your customer would like to use lower price to purchase these items and it’s easy for you to convince of your customer. But the biggest trouble is after-sale service as the poor quality of these ordinary product. It’s not also loose the trust of your customer, but also effect the commercial reputation in your local market.

Choose MECREE, the future belong to you.

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